Supervisor Postproduction

Jan-Timo Sonnemann is working as a freelance Filmeditor since 2004.

Born and raised in Salzgitter he volunteered in the post-production departement of “Studio Hamburg” after finishing his comunity service.

He was soon responsible for many series and feature films as assistant editor.

In 1999 he moved to the subsidiary “Studio Berlin” in Adlershof, where he advanced to be the main sound designer for several series.

In editing Jan-Timo is capable of creating a unique style and a distinctive look for each program; whether it concerns fictional thrillers like “Der Alte” ("The Old Man") and “Ein Fall für zwei” ("A Case for Two"), or documentaries as "Small Hands in a Big War" or feature films as "Höre die Stille" ("Hear the Silence").

With his many years of experience in post-production he has an extensive knowlage of the key workflows and different methods of production.