Florian Schott
Obed Emvula & Florian Schott
Director of photography:  Trevor A. Brown
Producer:  Obed Emvula
Associate producer:  Ed Ehrenberg
Haiko Boldt
Sonja Majewski
Tulinane Entertainment
Logistic support: 
Monoloco Films
 Cast:  Chops Tshoopara, Obed Emvula, Odile Müller, Tjuna Kauapirura, Gift Uzera, Jacobs Shivute, Shane Smith, David Ndjavera, Lynn Strydom, Wilzahn Gelderbloem, Prisca Anyolo


The Namibian feature film conveys an atmospheric impression about the hard life in the township district "Katutura”. Multiple characters are fighting against the external and internal forces that are working against them, to determine their own lives and realise their hopes and dreams. 

The plot centers around Dangi, who's released from prison going back to his family into the township and is now trying to lead a law-abiding life. His former friend Shivago tries to force him to get again involved in drug trades and diamond theft.

One instrument of pressure is Dangis' illegitimate son Redemption, whose existence Dangi kept as a secret towards his wife Foibe. Redemptions mother, Dangis former love Esme, a cocaine-addict saleswoman also gets caught in the crossfire.

All of them are not dealing only with their own struggles, with poverty, crime, drugs, but also with their dreams, hopes and creativity. 

All of this was shot in front of the original scenery of the tin shacks of Katutura between the hills of the Namibian capital Windhoek by the production company Tulinane Entertainment with the logistic support of Monolocofilms.