Ed Ehrenberg
Lou Binder
Director of  Photography:   Ludwig Franz (BVK)
Editor:   Jan-Timo Sonnemann
Julia Peters, Ed Ehrenberg, Axel Melzener
Score:   Tim Stanzel, Eike Hosenfeld - Tonbüro Berlin
Sounddesign:   Holger Wisniewski
A.D.R.:   Michael Wiesner - Studio 84
MFA, Monoloco Films, REDZONE Pictures, Eyesbearentertainment
Cast:   Vera Stadler, Simon Hangartner, Oliver Troska, Maximilian Grüneisen, Matthias Horn, Marina Koch, Maja Jötten, Jessica Reichert, Dominik Fenster, Clarissa Molocher, Antonia Langenohl, Andreas Zahn, Andreas Wilke, Andreas Erb, Ana Sanchez, Lars Doppler, Alexandra Grant, Christa Schreiber, David Jobda



October 1941. Hidden in the endless snow of the Ukraine there's a small, peaceful village.

It’s inhabitants are German-Russians, whose ancestors once migrated from Germany to Russia with the hope of a better future. But now the population just consists of women, children and elders.

During the dekulakization all men were deported, recruited or murdered by Stalin. And there are rumours about the possible deportation of German-Russian women and children.

A small, scattered unit of Nazi soldiers occupies the village. During a previous battle they'd been separated from their troops within the enemy's territory, far away from the German forces.

To the surprise of the occupiers the villagers welcome them joyfully as "liberators" and most residents see the Nazi soldiers as their sole hope for rescue.

Just a few of the inhabitants are skeptical towards the invaders. Both sides are moving closer together.

They tell each other about their dreams, their past and their individual goals for the future.

But then something unexpected happens and suddenly it emerges how in war times people can change into brutal animals.

A struggle for sheer survival unfolds.


"Hear the Silence" deals with group dynamics in times of essential threats, in which people need accomplices and evil men.

The feature film portrays how ordinary, likable people can change into cruel and brutal killers – like it might happen today to everybody in any war zone.

The story is a parable about losing innocence in war times, resulting in brutal pre-emptive strikes and people making themselves part of a chain of an unstoppable circle of violence.

The cast of the film has been composed of the acting graduates of the "München Film Akademie“ ("Munich Film Academy").

The shooting took place at the foot of the Carpathian mountains in Sanok at the "Museum of Folk Architecture" ("Muzeum Budownictwa Ludowego w Sanoku").


Festival records:

  • June 2016 – world premiere at MAIN COMPETITION on the SHANGHAI INT'L FILM FESTIVAL
  • Juli 2016 – AUDIENCE AWARD in Apchat at the festival „Un Pays Un Film“ / France
  • September 2016 – BEST WORLD FILM AWARD at the Harlem Int'l Film Festival / New York
  • September 2016 – AUDIENCE AWARD at the Footcandle Int'l Film Festival / Hickory / North Carolina
  • September 2016 – BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD at the Haryana Int'l Film Festival / India
  • September 2016 – BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD at the Haryana Int'l Film Festival / India
  • Oktober 2016 – ROBIN HOOD AWARD in the category BEST DIRECTOR at the Nottingham Int'l Film Festival / Great Britain
  • Oktober 2016 – BEST FEATURE FILM AWARD at the Rahway Int'l Film Festival / New Jersey
  • Oktober 2016 – BEST NARRATIVE FILM AWARD at the Rahway Int'l Film Festival / New Jersey
  • Oktober 2016 – BEST LEADING ACTOR (Lars Doppler) at the Rahway Int'l Film Festival / New Jersey
  • November 2016 - Official Selection - Tirana Int'l Film Festival / Albania
  • November 2016 -Official Selection - Festival Int'l de Cine Educativo y Espiritual / Cibudat Rodrigo / Spain
  • November 2016 -Official Selection - Hamilton Int'l Film Festival / Canada