Yon González, Blanca Suárez, Javier Cámara, Carmen Machi, Julián López, José Sacristán, Malena Alterio, Miki Esparbé, Elena Rivera
Nacho G. Velilla
Nacho G. Velilla
Director of Photography:  
Isaac Vila
Mercedes Gamero, Fernando García , Axel Kuschevatzky, Nacho G. Velilla
Producciones Aparte / Atresmedia Cine / Telefónica Studios
Service Production Berlin:  
Monoloco Films
Release date:  
March 2015



Two young Spanish guys , Hugo (Yon González) and Braulio (Julián López), one with two degrees and a master's degree in business, the other a molecular biology scientist, have tried in vain to get a job in Spain.

They are lost until the day they see the TV-show "Spaniard's world". In this programm a Spanish countryman talks in front of the Brandenburg Gate about his professional happiness in Germany, the country where "La Merkel" is ruling with an iron hand and where, thanks to her strict cost saving policy "milk and honey is flowing". So with the hope for a good fortune Hugo und Braulio pack their bags and are off for Berlin.

But the foreign country has not been waiting for them. Without any time for learning the language they stumble through the capitol of Germany. In job interviews it soon becomes clear that they've no chance to work in their profession. Hugo's und Braulio's big ego melts away like chocolate in the sun and the two get forced to work in Berlin Kreuzberg for a kebab restaurant.

They move into a shared apartment, full of weird wonderfull characters. So they fight their way and experience friendship between Spaniards "in exile".

The constant bickering between Hugo and Carla (Blanca Suarez), the main tenant of the shared apartment, often leads to funny tangles before it becomes an unusual romance...

  • In Spain "Perdiendo el Norte" managed to sell more than a million tickets at the boxoffice in less than four weeks after the premiere.