Director:   Guillermo Ruotolo
Editor:   Simone Golinelli
Guillermo Ruotolo
Producer:   Ed Ehrenberg, Guillermo Ruotolo, Julia Peters
Michael Wisner, Antonio Oyarzabal, Cayzland Studio
Digital Effects:   Dziga Kaiser (omstudios Berlin), Eduardo Knoop
Monoloco Films, ESCAC Barcelona
Cast:   Victor Benjumea, Carlos López Rodríguez, Xavier Pascual Betrán, María Bescos
February 2014


The world has witnessed a chemical war. Commander Betran is in charge of the mission. He storms with other two survivors of the special forces "Los Elegidos" into the target building with the order to secure the scientist who can stop the spread of the mutant virus.

But behind the walls lurks the unpredictable...



  • Cannes Short Film Corner 2014 (Cannes, France)
  • Short of the Month Film Festival January 2015 - nominated for „Best Cinematography“
  • Highway 61 Film Festival 2014 (Pine City, Minnesota, USA)
  • Zompire: The Undead Film Festival (Portland, Oregon, USA)
  • Open Wound Film Festival (Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA)
  • Hemoglozine Fantasy Filmfestival (Ciudad Real, Spain)